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Domain Driven Design. Fundamentals

In a series of posts on Domain-Driven Design, we'll share our experiences with microservice architecture design. Have you ever wondered why some microservice architectures feel "just right"? And others on the contrary get confused?

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) plays the role of a tailor in software design. It ensures that. every element of your architecture fits together. Like a tailored suit, tailored just for you.


The right model is the key. A domain model is like a blueprint for a building. If it's not correct, the entire structure can be unstable. Aim for the model to reflect the business processes and scenarios as they are. If your model looks like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, then it's time to redesign it.

Validation is very important.

You wouldn't put on an outfit without checking yourself in the mirror, right? Collaborate with experts in the field. They are like DDD's fashion stylists. They understand trends, have a lot of hands-on experience, and know what works best!

Uncover limited contexts.

Think of them as different sections in a department store. Each section (bounded context) has a different specialization. And each microservice has one too. Not sure where to draw the boundaries? Pay attention to which parts of your model naturally form isolated "islands". Those are the most appropriate places to delineate!

Communication is key.

Between different constrained contexts? Go asynchronous (via events on the message broker)! Think of it like sending a postcard in the mail. Within the same bounded context? Sync API calls are fine, but async is still a safer, more scalable and decoupled way to interact with another microservice.

The world of microservices is changing as rapidly as fashion trends change. With DDD in your arsenal, you'll be ready to create universal architectures. They will not only be functional, but also resilient. An additional advantage of such architectures is their scalability. And remember, just like in fashion, it's all about the right fit!

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